10 Best Greek Mythology Movies to Watch for Ancient Times Lovers

10 Best Greek Mythology Movies to Watch for Ancient Times Lovers

Everything about greek mythology movies is so special and appealing that all your boredom will get disappear within a matter of seconds. These action-packed films have a huge potential to keep you entertained with their intense storyline. The Greek myths written several hundred years ago have relevance even today, and that relevance gets pronounced by the present-day movies about greek gods and goddesses. Mythology movies, in general, revolve around certain concepts related to life from which humankind can draw a lot of lessons. The dramatic plot, strong acting, and a revengeful twist all make the mythology movies ever so powerful and impactful. The greek mythology movies give a great amount of insight into the Greek culture, tradition, and the way the Greeks behaved. The gripping movies about greek mythology will take you on a journey to the Greek world from which you will never feel like returning.

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You probably would have heard about movies like Percy Jackson, but here is a list of the top 10 movies about greek gods you may or may not have heard:

  1. Troy

Troy, one of the best greek mythology movies directed by none other than Wolfgang Peterson, features some of the most renowned actors who have done complete justice to the film’s plot with their perfect delivery of performances. The movie entails Paris, the Trojan prince, falling head over heels in love with Helen, the wife of Melaneus, the Spartan King. This causes a raging war between Sparta and Troy, two famous kingdoms of the ancient Greek world. This 2004 historical drama, based on The Iliad, is worth every second of your time and is sure to leave you wanting for more.

  1. Antigone

Antigone, released in 1961, is the adaptation of the play written by the famous Greek tragedian Sophocles. The movie is shot in black and white with Irene Papas in the starring role. Following a war between Polynices and Eteocles – that resulted in both dying – Creon takes the reins and, as a penalty for disloyalty, refuses to organize a proper burial for one of them. This makes Antigone protest the king’s decision which results in terrible outcomes. It is one of the classic greek mythology movies with powerful yet impressive characters and offers an amazing experience to all those obsessed with mythology movies.

  1. 300

300 is the kind of movie that will appeal to the palate of not only the fans of mythology movies but also those who love to see a bit of action here and there. Leonidas, portrayed by Gerard Butler, enters the battleground with his cohort of 300 to fight the enormous army of Xerxes. Meanwhile, queen Gorgo tries to muster up support for Leonidas in the city of Sparta. The sacrifice made by him stimulates the entire Greece to retaliate against the Persians. Zack Snyder, with this epic tale, brings you the abridged visual version of the comic book written by Frank Miller.

  1. Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts is a true masterpiece with an interesting plot that revolves around this boy called Jason, whose father gets murdered by his uncle, Pelias. Fearing his death, Jason escapes that place only to make a return after 20 years. This puts him again in a position of being killed by his uncle. To survive, he offers to get his uncle the Golden Fleece. Released in 2000, the episode teems with fantasy and adventure. The impressive acting, dialogue delivery, and mythical essence will leave you awestruck.

  1. Wonder Woman

With Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins truly won the hearts of millions of people. The movie focuses on the life of Princess Diana in the Amazons, who, after meeting Steve Trevor, decides to get involved in the war to put an end to the suspicious activities of Dr. Isabel Maru. She later goes on to fight Ares, whom she considers the reason behind the war, to save mankind and restore peace. This is one superhero film that people with a liking for movies about greek gods will fully resonate with. If this movie is not a part of your watching list, then one day, you will have a horrible guilt trip.

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  1. Percy Jackson Films

One thing is a well-established fact that movies like Percy Jackson can’t be ignored by anyone. The film series has successfully created a huge cult for itself. You must have gotten recommended this movie like a million times, which is reasonable. Although after reading the book series, you might think that there are certain misrepresentations in the movies, yet you can rest assured because the movies provide an altogether novel feeling. Percy finds out that his real father is a Greek god, and soon after that begins his adventurous journey that is worth following.

  1. Clash of the Titans

Just like any other movie based on Greek myths, Clash of the titans also has a lot of action, energy, and emotions. It is about the son of Zeus, Perseus, who is on a mission to protect his family at all costs from the ruthless underworld god Hades. If you are seeking an adventure-filled experience, Clash of the Titans is all that you should be after. It is the 1981 movie’s remake set in the city of Argos, where a battle is declared between Perseus and the mighty gods.

  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Does a movie need any explanation if it features George Clooney? Maybe not, but still, you should know the richness of it. Three men doing time devise a brilliant plan to run away from prison. They soon start looking for a treasure hidden somewhere, and the ensuing chain of events changes their lives dramatically. The movie has been deservedly nominated for many awards and has received just the right amount of praise from across the world. It is based on The Odyssey and has succeeded in making its mark.

  1. Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans might not satisfy some, but the movie is a distinguished one among most of the Greek mythology fan clubs. Perseus sets himself out for a trip to salvage Zeus from the ferocious grips of the Titans. A sequel to the Clash of the Titans, the movie has received critical backlash, with some saying that it failed to live up to its billing. But, if you are a true fanatic of greek mythology movies, you would not put up with even a single word against it and watch it anyway.

  1. Hercules

Hercules is an intriguing movie with amazing cinematography that will make you want to watch it without leaving your seat. Hercules wanders around Greece, along with his five close associates, and encounters many obstacles in his way that he deals with flawlessly. In the end, he helps Lord Cotys and Eugenia overcome a merciless warlord. The impressive heroism of Hercules and his horde is something that you should watch the movie for.

If you are one of those hardcore fans of movies like Percy Jackson, then you might not want to miss watching the aforementioned movies on loop tonight.


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