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10 Best New Year’s Eve Movies of All Time

Who doesn’t like to sit back, catch up on a nice movie and not care for the reality that’s called life? It’s an absolute pleasure to catch New Year’s Eve movies while it’s chilly outside, and you’re huddled up underneath a warm quilt, munching on snacks and sipping on hot chicken soup? Not always, one would want to go over for a party and start a new year with a hangover.

Art is a way of life for many of us, and movies, a finer form of art, provide us respite from the daily puzzle. Countless online articles list out movies you have to see in your lifetime. Making a mental checklist of having watched all such splendid movies provides an unsurpassed sense of satisfaction.

Thus, articulated here is a list of New Year’s Eve movies to give you warmth and zeal to step into a new year as the earth takes another revolution, and so does our lives.

  1. When Harry met Sally

This movie must have been one of the many new year’s movies that have left many people with tear-stained cheeks by the end of it. The movie has the element of a New Year towards its end, making it a perfect watch as a New Year’s Eve movie, from the comfort of your home.

A romantic comedy at its best, it’s a trendsetter for countless to follow, sets the perfect mood as one of the new year’s movies.

The story kick starts when the title characters first meet in Chicago, and they meet again after about a decade in New York, raising questions of love, belongingness, and the thin line between being friends and being in love.

  1. The Apartment

A movie from the 1960s is probably such an intense one that leaves people shaken when Jack Lemmon strikes up a complicated relationship with a woman, who happens to be a mistress. It is one of the movies you have to see if you want an unembellished take on the human psyche. The bonus element is that it ends on New Year’s Eve.

It may not be a quintessential happy new year movie, but it gives the vibe of one of the new year movies at the very best.

  1. Bridget Jones’s diary

It again is a rom-com that entails the romantic misadventures of Bridget Jones. The movie starts on a New Year’s Eve and ends in it as well. The movie’s visuals hold delightful scenes of the chillness of winter, enhancing the viewer’s experience of struggling with singlehood as their friend marches on to happy marriages and committed relationships. Renée Zellwegger pulls off her character beautifully, leaving us wanting for more.

  1. Ghostbusters II

This movie resonated well with its prequel, giving the audience a fresh and quirky go at Ghostbusters’ team. This happy new year movie reaches its zenith on New years eve.

It’s a fitting new year’s movie to warm up to, filled with action and comedy side by side.

  1. Highball

This 1997 movie, initially released in the United States, is directed by Noah Baumbach. It’s a comedy-drama in which a newly married couple looks for a strong foothold in the society that they live in. The movie boasts of panoramic scenes from the Halloweens to the New Year.

A deeply satirical and even comic, this movie brings out the misfortunes that are corollaries of the dreams of achieving social acceptance.

It is one of the fun and happy new years movie to watch if comedy is your go-to.

Bask in the warmth from Halloween through the New Years’ eve.

  1. About time

It is a beautiful and heart-wrenching movie you have to see for yourself as it comes as a fresh breath of air, as a young man tries to woo the woman of his dreams. He goes looking for her in the new year eve party, and this soul searching brings in so much of our feelings to the forefront. One of those new years movies that one watches with a glum heart looking for new beginnings.

Marked with a simple script but profound dialogues, this movie is an endearing watch.

  1. Waiting to exhale

We have all got our baggage, and this movie is all about letting go of your baggage and embracing the new you, no matter how broken. It is said that the pain that we carry in our broken hearts is our guiding light for all that awaits us in life, for broken hearts contain treasure. Being dumped by her husband on new years eve, Bernadine picks herself up, bit by bit, and engages and invests in herself to become the best version of herself. At its best, a woman-centric movie shows the struggles of being broken and the liberation of loving yourself for all that you are.

It is one of the feel-good new year movies you were looking for.

  1. Sex and the city

It can easily make it to the new year’s movies that make us rile up inside ourselves and makes us crave an adventure, both spiritual and physical. With the picturesque visuals of snowy New York, this movie is packed with romance, drama, and comedy.

Carrie’s relationships with her girlfriends are so strong, and no man can cost her this friendship. It is a new year’s movie to enjoy with your girlfriends while on a sleepover.

  1. Snowpiercer

It is an intense movie filled with subtleties of a post-apocalyptic world. Starring Chris Evans in a huge role, this movie is riddled with massive plot twists and strong scriptwriting. The movie captures a New year’s celebration with so much gusto amidst the adversities that it leaves its audience enraptured, sitting at the edge of their seats, with an endless stream of tears on their cheeks.

  1. Eat, pray, love

This movie doesn’t hold scenes of a typical New Year celebrations of the United States, but isn’t it embalming to watch a woman leave behind everything, searching for her soul and love? Deeply moving, it is one of the new years movies one can watch when looking for ways to start afresh in life.

Starring Julia Roberts, this movie is a delight to sore eyes.

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