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10 movie stars you didn’t recognize in their roles

A great film is made with the actor and actresses’ efforts. With great work of direction and execution, the film gets surfaced in the theatres. Some actors blend characters completely in the film’s theme that you fail to recognize them in the first place. These actors are so brilliant that they have absorbed themselves in the movie for the movie character’s justice.

A movie star does a phenomenal job in creating the character on real grounds. These actors you didn’t recognize in their roles. You won’t find their real character in the movie.

Let us look into such actors who have done good work in blending into the movie’s character.

The incredible work of digital technology and makeup has made this approachable. The two works on the movie star appearance to make them look like the character. Mentioned movie stars have gone to an extreme level to make it happen. These are those actors you didn’t recognize in their roles.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

She is one of the versatile actresses who has got all fame of a movie star. She has worked into the character and blended into the theme for the character -mystique. She has done exceptional work in her appearances in the movie. The blue appearance of Jennifer Lawrence has intrigued many and made her in the list of actors you didn’t recognize in their roles.

She is an American actress who has done a lot of great movies. The makeup of Jennifer is so real that nobody believes her beauty behind the makeup. Her movies always hit the box office with a good gross collection.

  1. Mark Ruffalo

You all must be familiar with the name of hulk from the movie avengers’ franchise. His character, hulk in the movie, is exceptional on all grounds. Behind the makeup of hulk, mark lay there with full energy and optimism. The kind of makeup in the appearance of the mark has made him exactly like a hulk.

It isn’t easy to recognize Mark from the hulk appearance. Many people got were surprised when they got to know the actual name of the hulk.  Mark is one of those actors you didn’t recognize in their roles. Mark has blended himself with the character so effectively that his real face got concealed underneath it. You can say he is a complete movie star.

  1. Hugo weaving

Everyone knows about the famous red skull character from the first avenger movie. The red skull was Hugo, who has turned himself so absorbed in the role that hardly anyone noticed him.

Hugo is a British actor with a good sense of acting skills. He has done a fabulous work in the movie avengers. He was also part of many great action movies where he has done good work in both appearance and acting.

  1. Ryan Reynolds

If you are a Deadpool fan, then this fact will astonish you. Ryan Reynolds portrayed the character of Deadpool. The extreme work of makeup and other techniques has made his face look like the character. Deadpool is one of the top-grossing films in Hollywood. The movie was acclaimed by all experts and had good resolutions.

Ryan is known for his excellence and dedication towards his great movie role. He has done extensive work on her appearance for the character and made it more real.  You may see Ryan’s real-life photo and the Deadpool movie.

  1. Tom hardy

The next on the list is the dark knight’s bane rises, which was released in 2012. Tom was behind the bane character in the movie. Tom is accounted for in the list of actors who did hard work in sets for better performance. He is the one of that kind. For perfectly fitting the role of bane in the movie, he has done great work in his body and appearance.

Hardy is no doubt good at acting, but his efforts are remarkable for all his movies. His work is always appreciated and has a good impact on the audience.

  1. Gerard butler

Have you seen the phantom of the opera? You must have seen it. The phantom role was so impressive and good that we wanted to meet him in person. That white mask on the face and the sophisticated aura of him has intrigued us to our core.

The thing is the phantom’s role was portrayed by Gerard Butler, who has done this great movie role with ease. The movie was so popular among its audience that it has a high gross collection.

  1. Paul Bettany

Avenger’s movie is an all-time favorite of all. This movie is one of the exceptional CGI movies that have broken all movie records. The character of vision is portrayed by Paul very well. He has done a great movie role. The whole movie has a computer graphics appeal that has attracted many audiences.

As a true movie star, Paul Bettany has undergone an extensive transformation to be the vision in the film. You may not recognize him in the first place because of the makeup and effects.

  1. Karen Gillan

Another marvel studio film fame actor is Karen Gillan, who has portrayed the role of the nebula. She made her appearance in the guardians of the galaxy in 2015. You must have seen her with blue coloration all over her body. The effect is all because of technological effects. When anyone sees her in real, they get astonished with what she looked in the film.

She is hardly recognizable in the movie with her nebula looks. This signifies her great movie role. She is indeed a movie star through her performances and dedication.

  1. Ron Perlman

Hellboy movie is another masterpiece in the list of CGI movies.  Ron Perlman portrayed the Hellboy character. He is known for his action roles and acting skills.  In the movie, he has disguised himself so perfectly that any viewer cannot recognize him in the first place.

The movie surfaced in the theatres in 2004, and it is hard to recognize Ron from the role of Hellboy. As a movie star, Ron has done good work on it.

  1. Cara Delavigne

Cara did the role of the enchantress in the movie suicide squad in 2016. The actress’s makeup and acting were so real that anyone didn’t recognize her from the character. Her makeup was all up to a point with a CGI movie.

The whole look of her gives a good insight into the character in the movie.


These actors mentioned above are all very talented and good in all aspects. The actors have done a great movie role through their appearances. They are just best at their roles that make them unrecognizable to the audience witnessing them. You didn’t recognize these actors in their roles because of their overwhelming makeup and technical aspects of films.


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