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Kung Fu Panda 4: Story, Plot, and Release Date

Gone are the days when animated movies would only excite children. With entertaining plot lines and state of the art graphic, animated movies have developed a wider range of target audience.

When talking about animated movies, how can one not mention one of the most loved and appreciated Dreamworks Animation company ventures, the Kung Fu Panda series? Based in ancient China, the movies follow the lives of animals in humanoid forms.

Released in 2008, the Kung Fu Panda glued audiences to their screens as a clumsy young panda, Po, journeys from being a small-time chef to becoming the Dragon warrior.

Filled with humorous dialogues and awe-striking animation, this movie instantly became a hit not only in America but worldwide, earning a total of $631,744,560. With its gripping plotline and emotional appeal, the audience started rooting for Po.

The movie’s massive response led to the creators Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris churning two more hits in the form of Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) and Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016). These movies focus on Po’s adventures and the famous five who fight the evil that threatens the foundation of Kung Fu.

With each movie, the expectations of the audience towards the franchise only grew. It has been four years since we saw Po on the silver screen. Since then, Kung Fu Panda fans have only been drowning in anticipation with only one question on their minds- When is Kung Fu Panda 4 releasing?

When is Kung Fu Panda 4 Coming Out

There is no official date of release set for Kung Fu Panda 4 yet. According to  Jeffrey Katzenberg, the co-founder and CEO of Dreamworks Animation, Kung Fu Panda is a six-part franchise. Initially, some speculations about the Kung Fu Panda 4 release date in 2018, but the fans were left disappointed.

There has been no confirmation from the side of the directors on Kung Fu Panda 4 release dates. There have been many rumors about the release of a trailer, but they turned out false.

Co-director Jennifer Yuh mentioned in an interview in 2018 that she is always up for another installation of the series. Till now, not much is known about whether the production of Kung Fu Panda 4 has started.

The Covid pandemic delay has only made fans more anxious about the release of the 4th installment of the series. It has been rumored that the creators have decided the storyline for the movie.

There are speculations about a tentative release of the trailer of Kung Fu Panda 4 in mid-2021. While there have been many fake trailers on various media platforms, there has been no information from the official production house.

What we know about The Cast of Kung Fu Panda 4

The franchise has maintained the same cast from the first movie. The Kung Fu Panda 4 cast will be the same. There will be several other additions, but no names have been confirmed yet. The list of main actors in the previous installments is as following-

  • Po Ping, voiced by Jack Black
  • Tigress by Angelina Jolie
  • Dustin Hoffman voices master Shifu.
  • Monkey as Jackie Chan
  • Viper by Lucy Liu
  • Mantis, voiced by Seth Rogen
  • Ping by James Hong
  • David Cross by Crane

There have been speculations that joining the Kung fu Panda 4 cast will feature the famous rapper Eminem who will be voicing the antagonist Akuma in the movie. No further information has been revealed on the cast of the movie.

The Plot of Kung Fu Panda 4

The main plot will revolve around the main protagonist Po and his adventure with the ‘famous five.’ While there have not been many revelations about the Kung fu Panda 4 plot, there is said to be more involvement of his family, introduced in the last movie. Towards the end of the last movie, Po was seen teaching Kung Fu to all the Pandas in the Panda town.

A subsequent Kung Fu Panda 4 plot is rumored to be our favorite Panda leading the rest of the Panda town and the famous five into protecting the valley from dangers and miscreants.

The movies do not, as such, have a continuous plot, and each movie has a storyline of itself with a conclusion. All the major events, including Po’s present and past, have been covered in the previous installments.

Fans are eagerly excited about what Kung Fu Panda 4 will bring to the screen. Various fan theories are afloat that feel that Kung fu Panda 4 may be derived from the Kung fu panda tv series.

And while all speculations have been widely shared and reported on, the creators have confirmed none of them.


Kung Fu Panda as a movie franchise has been an extremely profitable venture that has earned $1.8 billion from three movies. As the pandemic has slowed down the entire entertainment industry, this beloved animated franchise also suffered.

With fans more anxious than ever, there is no official statement released from anyone in the production core team.

The first two movies were distributed under Paramount Productions’ banner, but the third movie saw a shift in distribution, with 20th Century Fox taking the rights. Kung Fu Panda 4 might also be distributed under the latter banner.

This is one of the most famous animated movie franchises worldwide and has stirred a lot of attention during its earlier release. A television series premiered on Amazon prime in 2018. Many fans believe that the series will be made into a movie. While there has been no confirmation of the same by the creators, one can only assume.

Despite the delay, Kung fu Panda 4 will surely be one of the highest-grossing animated movies due to the franchise’s fan base. It’s not just entertaining for children, but the wit and clumsiness of Po have found a place in the hearts of everyone who has watched these movies.


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