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Top 10 Longest Running Movie Franchises of All Times

Movie franchises are nothing but a film series where the first film is followed by as many sequels as seen fit by the director or production house of that particular franchise. Some of the biggest media franchises are what is most loved by the people. Audiences love movies with a huge storyline build-up that eventually ends over the years, with a particular ending.

It makes people invest in some of the best movie series from an emotional standpoint. It makes it immensely fun for the spectators and even the production or media outlets, find a way of publicizing it and increasing its sales.

Usually, a large amount of investment is made to produce some of the longest movie franchises. It is made sure to deliver good quality and excellent scripts to the audience.

Isn’t it amazing to catch a marathon of the best franchises with your friends, and not spend a thought about reality? Of course, it does.

Therefore, here is a list of movies you can check out if you are into movie franchises.

List of longest-running movie franchises of all times

  1. Harry Potter series

This film series brought about enormous success to the young wizard boy Harry Potter and has seven movies to its account. It is being adapted from the famous book series of the same name, the Harry Potter series authored by British writer J K Rowling. The series reached extremely popular heights as many more audiences chimed in and related so much to the wizarding world of Hogwarts. Starring Daniel Radcliff, Alan Rickman, this movie has brought the cult of the audience famously known as the “Potterheads.” It is one of the most loved movie franchises.

  1. Marvel Cinematic Universe

It is one of the best movie series, boasting of 13 movies in its collection. Scoring incredibly well in the market by gaining lots of profits is one of the longest movie franchises. The cinematic adaptation of every superhero is a part of the Marvel Comics produced by artist Stan Lee. Be it Iron man, Thor, or even Captain America; this movie franchises has you covered.

  1. Star Wars

It is one of the most profitable franchises, boasting a huge range of audiences, be it old or young, men or women. This movie series is about extraterrestrial beings and the wake of violence and emerging heartbreak. They have even extended to make merchandise for the multigeneration of the audience. The production house Lucasfilm considers it as one of their best movie series.

  1. James Bond

This movie series has made a box-office profit of about $5 billion as of now. Many actors have played the part of James Bond, but Daniel Craig’s performance gives it a fresh new appeal. It is one of the best movie series for people who love thrillers and suspense as to their genre for movies.

  1. The fast and the Furious

It was a movie for families to watch together, and even the directors did not think that this movie series would become one of the most profitable franchises.

The cast involves stellar people from all backgrounds and colors, which added to the benefit of obtaining an even larger viewership.

  1. Transformers

This is one of Paramount’s most profitable franchises that helped them make standing in the cinematic world. That being said, the graphics and the action-packed movie series has become one of the biggest media franchises in the world now. The foreplay of the robots and the humans gave it a superb magnetic attraction to the audience.

  1. Jurassic Park

Most of us have grown up watching at least one of the Jurassic Park movies. It was one of the biggest media franchises in the 1990s because no one had ever watched anything like this before. People loved watching things that they imagined. The thrills of watching the prehistoric dinosaur encounter of a family and their mutual zeal and fight for survival won many hearts. This will remain the best franchises for people who like this genre.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

Feeling dumbfounded by the whole presence of Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp, is what most audiences felt when they watched one of the best franchises.

The computer effects, the graphics, immensely conceptual script, and Johnny Depp’s phenomenal presence makes it a movie loved throughout all generations as the longest movie franchises.

  1. Disney franchises

These included our most loved Disney characters being brought to life due to the phenomenal movies or cinematic adaptation. Those who have grown up reading fairy tales and wanted to be a part of them found their dreams come true with these Disney franchises. These again, are loved across generations. Movies include snow white, Cinderella, Frozen, etc. to name a few. One of the best movie series a child could ask for.

  1. Star trek

There will be an endless debate of which is better for movie lovers, whether Star Wars or Star Trek. No matter what, these movies are amazing in their own accord.

Having 12 films in its franchise, it is one of the longest movie franchises.

It has everything that a pop-culture enthusiast could ask for, and thus, it was heavily loved. They ultimately branched out to making merchandise based on their movies, which were equally appreciated.

In conclusion

These longest movie franchises are loved immensely by audiences of all ages and gender because it gets them hooked. In the characters of such movies, people see themselves along with their human failings.

This makes them feel that superhero or not, these movies have them connected to an inner part of themselves.

Not just that, being a lover of these longest franchise movies, people feel as if they are a part of an imagined community of other people who, as well, like to commit to the best movie series.

These factors, along with the nature of these movies, where it is so much full of fun, draw more and more people towards it with each passing day.

It is a lot of fun to watch a movie marathon of the biggest media franchises with your friends and loved ones.

So, go ahead and watch these amazing movie franchises as you commit to a day of relaxation and a wholesome environment.


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