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Top 7 Gun Fights Movies of All Time

Violence has always managed to excite lovers of cinema and keep them glued to their seats. Filmmakers have been making use of violence for many purposes in their movies. While movies like Fast and Furious show action and violence for sheer entertainment, directors like Quentin Tarantino are famously known for using and aestheticizing violence to propel the story forward. Some directors also use guns in their realistic war movies.

While violence is shown in many films, shootouts are the most used violent scenes in movies. Such scenes are fast, exciting, and speed up the movie. Some scenes like this propel the story in a movie, while another might entirely be a gunfight movie. Below is a list of the greatest movies of all time known for their action with guns.

John Wick

With an excellent performance by Keanu Reeves, John Wick can certainly be called the best gunfight movie. The action sequences shown in the movie are phenomenal. The movie directors, Chad Stahelski, and David Leitch, formerly worked as stunt-men and stunt coordinators. Naturally, they have left no stone unturned in ensuring that the highest quality scenes with movie guns are presented in the movie.

The use of ‘Gun Fu’ is most prominently seen in this movie. Gun Fu is a sophisticated mixture of swift martial arts with firearms.

The scenes that make this movie one of the best gun movies are the nightclub gunfight scene and the Red Circle gunfight scene. The Red Circle gunfight scene will surely go down as one of the greatest cinematic experience of firearms violence. Here is an IMDb page of the movie

The Terminator

When talking about an excellent gun fight movie, how can someone forget The Terminator? The classic sci-fi movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and directed by James Cameron was a path-breaker in many ways. The Terminator later went on to be one of the most successful franchises in the science fiction genre.

What makes The Terminator an excellent gun fight movie is the scene at the police station. The massacre by the cyborg was unreliably brutal. The helplessness of the police, Sarah Connor, and Reece against the killer cyborg massacring anybody in between him and Sarah makes the scene exciting as well as intimidating. This scene can certainly be counted as one of the best shootouts in an action movie so far.

The Untouchables

This cult classic released in 1987 is surely the best gun fight movie of its time. The action shown in the movie is perfectly authentic. The stairway shootouts scene in the movie single-handedly brings the movie into this list. Elliott Ness successfully manages to kill all the gangsters and arrest Al Capone’s accountant. The baby carriage falling down the stairs adds the adrenaline to this scene. The scene shot in slow-motion perfectly manages to portray the carnage. This focus of the main character on the baby carriage, despite all the carnage happening around, gives the scene a unique perspective.

The Way of the Gun

The name of the movie itself suggests that this would be a gun fight movie. Surprisingly, Christopher Macquarrie actually made his directorial debut with this movie. The film portrays several scenes with movie guns. There are car chases in the movie that include a heavy exchange of bullets. However, the greatest scene in the movie is the final scene in an abandoned Mexican town. The chaotic ending battle presents a nearly perfect scene with movie guns. Although the evil henchmen are gunned down brutally, the audience also has to see the main protagonist gradually breaking down due to his injuries.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The second part of the story of the leader of the Avengers may not be one of the realistic war movies, but certainly shows some of the best action scenes in a superhero movie. Marvel has always been effortlessly fantastic in their action sequences, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier is no exception. What makes this movie a good gun fight movie is the scenes in which the directions Joe and Anthony Russo use all of their skills to show realistic shootout scenes even when the assailants are superheroes. Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon, and Bucky manage to give us a realistic movie guns experience in a superhero movie.

Django Unchained

It cannot happen that movies with violence are being discussed, and a Tarantino movie doesn’t appear in it. Tarantino gave up the acting dream to be a director. Django Unchained is one of the best gun movies and gave us the legendary scene of the shootout at Candyland. Watching Leonardo DiCaprio die after torturing the slaves mentally and physically is satisfying. However, it’s just the beginning. What follows is an extremely bloody shootout filled with gore, with people wailing and glass shredding, and splashes of blood all around. This scene is one of the finest pieces of direction by Tarantino and manages to make Django Unchained a good gunfight movie.

The Matrix

The Matrix undoubtedly gets a top spot as the best gun fight movie. When it hit the theatres in 1999, The Matrix drastically changed the picture of action cinema for movie-makers and cinema-lovers. The movie has some of the best action scenes shot to date. Many people gave up acting dreams after looking at Keanu’s performance in the movie. However, the lobby shootout scene is the pinnacle example of how good a gunfight scene can be. Due to this scene, The Matrix has been etched as one of the best gun action movies in the minds of even those people who prefer realistic war movies over the science fiction genre. The Matrix was indeed a path breaker.


Gun fight scenes have always been the greatest attraction of a lot of cinema-lovers. The above-listed movies are some of the best gun movies to be released to date!


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